We all know that it is not just what you have to say, but also, how you say it, and how you look saying it.

A key factor in ensuring success in making a great impression in both corporate and social settings is the ability to control how you are perceived by others. First impressions do count, but it is also essential to engage your audience throughout by delivering more confident, enthusiastic and persuasive presentations.

Just like an actor who harnesses his nervous energy to give an amazing performance, a good presenter always appears confident and competent by making his nerves work for him. This program entails the skills required to create a positive self image and give a winning presentation, and employs dramatic techniques such as voice and body work to make it fun and engaging experience for participants.


  • Coping with nerves

  • Developing positive body languages

  • Maintaining eye contact

  • Training your voice

  • To enhance assertiveness


Everybody is born with preferences in life and these preferences form our personalities. The trouble is, we tend to assume that everyone else’s mind works in the same way as ours. So conflicts arise.

To collaborate effectively, we need to understand each others’ differences. With such powerful understanding, any company can convert conflicting differences into strengths to dramatically increase the productivity of the team and the bottom line.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) highlights these differences and patterns in work relationship. Just as important, it shows you how different perspectives and methods foster a healthy, productive work environment that can lead to better problem solving.

From career development to leadership training, team building to communication effectiveness, our series of engaging workshops with practical applications highlights methodologies to integrate individual personalities with that of the team as a whole.


  • Identifying areas of strength and possible areas of weakness

  • Helping to match specific task assignments according to preferences.

  • Improving Communication while increasing productivity

  • Helping individuals understand how different perspectives and methods can lead to useful and effective problem solving.

  • Promoting diversity and appreciating differences.

We offer the Myers Brigg Type Indicator in a 1 or 2 Day Workshop.

1 day workshop – Introduction to MBTI

Participants get and introduction to MBTI experience “personality in action” through a few interactive challenges and discussion. They learn their individual type preferences, and begin to craft strategies for leveraging areas of strength and compensating areas for development.

2 day workshop – Team Dynamics using MBTI

Recommended for team leader, team members, your group will not only benefit from the individual personality insights from the day 1 workshop, but be given the platform to address team dynamics and develop team effectiveness. This 2 day workshop will provide companies tools and practical resources for integrating MBTI type understanding to creating a high-performing teams.

In both sessions, participants leave with an action to improve their effectiveness

Our MBTI Workshops are tailored to the needs of the organization.

MBTI questionnaires will be sent to your organization two weeks prior to your workshops – participants have one week to complete and return the questionnaires to us. This will be analyzed and compiled into and MBTI report for each participants.


Workshops will be tailored according to the profiles of the team.


In most corporate environments, logical reasoning and sensibility are right brain qualities that are highly valued as markers of success. However, when we are able to engage more than the intellect and supplement our analytical skills with left brain traits like spontaneity and experimentation, we can then begin to expand our horizons.

Drama techniques such as improvisation encourages participants to take risks and to see things from more than one perspective. Remarkable possibilities can emerge when participants are willing to be taken out of their everyday routine.


  • To help participants understand the importance of creativity in the corporate world

  • To allow participants to find humor and its effect on creativity thinking

  • To develop more effective and spontaneous brainstorming among participants

  • To enhance the collaborative process in order to develop group synergies and new ideas

  • To encourage participants to step beyond their comfort and venture into risk-taking


Teamwork is a valuable and essential aspect to any company that seeks to increase performance in work production, improve employee morale and stimulate new growth.


After all, team-oriented environments ultimately contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Because of the realities of a corporate environment are dynamic and intricate, drama techniques such as role-play as well as interactive theatre offer participants experiential training while providing them a ‘safe space’ to attempt problem-solving techniques.


  • To break down inhibitions through team-building exercises and games

  • To allow participants to see their colleagues in a different light

  • To encourage humor among colleagues

  • To encourage participants to tap on their individual as well as group strengths to accomplish a goal

  • To step into someone else’s shoes in order to deal with given problems


We recognize that no two companies are exactly the same, be it the way the company functions as a whole, work ethics or other specific issues faced. What is important is how the company acknowledges the issue and negotiates possible solutions in a safe, non threatening way. Therefore, corporate planners understand that it is critical to remain objective even in situations that are highly subjective, and that is when bringing in an informed outsider who has not directly shared the group’s experience is useful.

That’s where we come in.


  • Work closely with companies to identify their specific needs

  • Encourage participants to view scenarios from more than one angle

  • Offer participants an opportunity to address issues in a non-threatening environment

  • To look at how outcomes can change when different behavioral approaches are used (in both positive and negative ways)

  • To allow participants to engage with issues in a deeper way

  • To allow participants, with the actors, experiment around the ways in which they could use these different behaviors within the workplace

Before the program begins, inwardBOUND works closely with the company to identify specific issues that the company wishes to address. Based on these issues, we then script out a scenario and possible conclusions.

During the program, the actors present the scripted scene that highlights the issues raised. After the first performance, workshop participants are invited to suggest solutions to the problems presented in the scene

The scene will then be replayed, exploring the suggested solutions and possible outcomes. Participants will also be encouraged to act out their suggested solutions.

The workshop concludes with a discussion on the implications of these strategies in the workplace.


Most companies recognize that the ability to communicate effectively is vital to all career development. However, on many occasions, we find that our words and actions may get misinterpreted, leading to unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.


Incorporating drama games and exercises, this hands-on, interactive workshop offers an insight into the skills of communication and how these skills are developed, thus increasing participants’ assertiveness and confidence, not just in their professional, but also personal lives.


  • To develop interpersonal skills and social interaction

  • To develop listening skills

  • To develop better written communication

  • To train participants to be able to communicate on their feet

  • To enhance assertiveness

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