The inwardBOUND drama in curriculum is a balance of a focus on performance skills as well as the process of creation. Stressing on the more developmental process-oriented approach, our curriculum addresses four basic domains of learning:


  • Psychomotor – Developing perceptual and expressive skills and techniques

  • Cognitive – Assimilating knowledge and developing higer order thinking skills

  • Affective – Cultivating positive attitudes about themselves and others

  • Aesthetic – Deriving pleasure from a combination of senses, emotions, intellect, imagination and spirit

With whole learning approach as the guiding principle, our various programs are developed using powerful methodology of Process Drama. It involves the entire class, including the teacher in role-play and improvisations, where they enact roles and create a collaborative story together. It helps to develop improvisation skills, observation skills and discussion skills.


Drama for beginners 

Providing students with imagination-expanding exercises in Pantomime, Voice and Improvisations that are adaptable to School Values or any chosen context. 

playBuilding towards performance 

The programme gives students an opportunity to explore the essential challenges of drama. 

process drama 

Process Drama adopts a multi-faceted approach to the text, such that students will not only learn in and about drama, but also more importantly, learning through the process of drama. 

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