re:ACT International


After 2 years of focusing on school-based and nation-wide social issues, re:ACT International will be launched in 2017. The goal of re:ACT International is to build active citizens in a globalised world. Out of the 11 Southeast Asian countries, Singapore is only one of two developed countries. This brings light to the lack of healthcare, education, nutrition, as well as adequate shelter and safety for children and youth in our neighbouring countries. re:ACT International is a platform for the students to reflect on these issues and respond as an informed and responsible citizen. 

(in line with the Character & Citizenship Education Curricular Domain : World)

Increase awareness, empathy and understanding of the issues faced by their neighbouring country Cambodia.

Interact, learn from and devise with Cambodian students and build an international community of young people invested into education.

Contribute to the well-being of the international community through Social Advocacy.






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Singaporean youths connect with our partner organisations to find out about their cause.

Singaporean youths devise, create and produce theatre performances that matter, both nationally and internationally.

Selected youths will visit our partner organisations in Phnom Penh to exchange ideas and discuss social causes. They will organise workshops to empower, perform and engage through interactive theatre for change.

inwardBOUND is the bridge to link these elements. 

Build Global awareness in our Singaporean Youths


Engage with issues beyond our shores


Construct Global Citizenry through theatre for transformation.


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