Throwback to re:ACT 2015 #ibreact2015

September 19, 2016




As we prepare for the 2016 edition of the re:ACT Festival, it got us looking through our #ibreact2015 hashtag and all the photos from the festival. Let's take a look at some of the highlights of re:ACT 2015!


Some quick facts from last year's festival:


10 Forum Theatre Performances

13 Participating Schools

Hundreds of young people re:ACT-ing to the problems of our world


We witnessed a wide range of topics such as mistreatment of the elderly, maid abuse, racism and bullying in schools. 


What is Forum Theatre?

Much unlike the conventional forms of performance, Forum Theatre enrols the audience not as a passive recipient of performance, but an active agent of change. The audience is given opportunities to stop the performance midway, take over one of the actors on stage and attempt a different approach to the problem presented. This ‘dialogue-through-action’ encourages participants to think critically and serves as a rehearsal for real-life, should they encounter similar situations in their lives.


10 schools prepared and performed their very own 10-minute Forum Theatre performances, mentored by an inwardBOUND instructor. They rehearsed not just the performance, but also how they would respond to ideas posed by their audience in an interactive manner.


During the performance, the schools scored points based on the effectiveness and sustainability of their ideas, decided by a panel of judges. The school with the highest cumulated points for the day took home the grand prize!


The big winners from re:ACT 2015 were:




But of course, it wasn't just all about winning.


We got to see Character and Citizenship Education in action when the auditorium was filled with enthusiastic 'spect-actors' who constantly raised their hands to shout 'STOP!' to the situations they witnessed on stage.


We saw teachers coming up on stage to offer their ideas and walking the talk.


We saw active citizenry and participation in building our nation and home - a better place for everyone to live in. 


And we hope that you will can join us in this wonderful journey this year. 


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