Musicals, Musicals, Musicals!

July 21, 2017

 Performers from North Vista Secondary School in their Act 1 Finale



Last year, in 2016, inwardBOUND is proud to have produced seven successful musicals in a variety of genres, from original local work and composition to adaptations of Shakespeare and even Broadway classics. They were performed by hundreds of students and alumni (and some teachers!) at professional venues such as the Drama Centre Theatre and Victoria Theatre. 


 CHIJ St. Joseph's Convent: The Sound of Music



The journey to produce any musical is a long but rewarding one. It starts from conceptualisation and scripting, where we work with the schools to know what the event is (school anniversary, annual school musical, etc.) and the style of the performance. In the case of an original musical or adaptation, such as Boon Lay Secondary’s Singarella, these ideas are turned into a script. We then proceed to rehearsal and choreography where students learn and apply the skills necessary to performing, such as acting, characterisation, dance and vocal training. The final phase is the bump-in and show in the theatre, where all the production elements such as the set, lighting and sound systems come together to complete the performance, ready for show. 


Clementi Town Secondary: Students, alumni and teachers in the middle of a dance in City World!  


It takes a village to put up musicals and productions of this scale, and the inwardBOUND team is grateful to the students, teachers and schools that worked with us towards creating heart-warming and meaningful productions.


Musicals Produced by inwardBOUND in 2016:




Bukit Batok Secondary School


Written by the inwardBOUND Team

Performed at ITE College Central Auditorium


Queenstown Secondary School

The King's Crown

Written by Mr Nagavelloo

Performed at Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre




Bukit View Secondary School

The Merchant of Bukit View 

Adapted from William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice by Thomas Lim (inwardBOUND)

Performed at the University Cultural Centre




Clementi Town Secondary School

What Would I Give

Written by Ms Valane Tnee, Music arranged by Mr Bang Wenfu

Performed at the Victoria Theatre


North Vista Secondary School


Written by Thomas Lim (inwardBOUND)

Performed at Drama Centre Theatre


CHIJ St. Joseph's Convent

The Sound of Music

Performed at ITE College Central




Boon Lay Secondary School


Written by Thomas Lim (inwardBOUND)

Performed at Canadian International School



Bukit View Secondary: View from the stage as Anthony (Antonio) and Benji (Bassanio) ponders about a pound of flesh... 




Hear it from them!


The directing team's passion for drama has touched the cast and they are fully appreciative of the efforts that all the instructors had taken to ensure that the cast looked and performed their best during matinee and the gala evening. Motivating debriefing sessions occurred between Acts 1 and 2 and in between the two performances. The cast was psyched to perform their best every time they stepped onto the stage.”


- Bukit View Secondary School


“Being able to learn under inwardBOUND was nothing but a privilege to me. It was amazing to be able to learn more about myself through taking on a character and acting. The instructors were amazing with their sessions that are always filled with laughter and smiles, and sometimes tears too. Through these 6 months of experience with the instructors and the case members, I learnt a lot about teamwork and also picked up a lot of skills from each individual member! In order to be able to work with the 19 other people in this musical, it took us a lot of time to have chemistry and also trust within us, but the instructors never once gave up on us through this journey and only made us persevere and pushed on till the end of the musical.”


- Chanel, Performer from North Vista Secondary School


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