Towards the New SYF 2017

October 3, 2016


Big changes have been announced for the Singapore Youth Festival 2017 and inwardBOUND is excited to begin working on it over the next few months. The festival is inviting entries that are:


  • in a variety of genres (physical theatre, musicals, traditional theatre forms, etc.);

  • language categories (English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, Mixed), and

  • student-led writing is encouraged


Over the past 15-years, inwardBOUND has produced hundreds of performances and productions in various genres and languages. Our experience has led us to achieve a total of 43 Distinction awards, with 10 Gold with Honours and 19 Gold awards for our performances that are recognised as heart-warming and thought-provoking. These performances range from modern reworking of Shakespearean texts to original local work co-written by the students. 


Through the rigorous process of analysis, conceptualisation, rehearsal and performance, students are required to take on roles. Most of the time, these characters are vastly different from their own lives and through such as act of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes (literally and figuratively), they develop empathy, compassion and a deeper understanding of themselves and the world today.


We believe that that is the magic of drama and we are honoured to be able to witness that transformation year after year, and we hope to recreate this magic in SYF 2017. 


re:ACT Festival 2016


In line with this, we have launched the re:ACT Festival, a SYF preparatory camp towards SYF 2017. More information about re:ACT can be found here.


Trinity-Guildhall Drama Exams 2017


As a continuation of SYF 2017, the performance may also be sent to the Trinity-Guildhall Drama Exams for 2017. This year, Westwood Secondary worked with inwardBOUND to send 20 students for the exam, with a 100% Distinction rate. 


For more information about re:ACT Festival, SYF 2017 or Trinity-Guildhall Examinations, send us an email to










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