Hello, It's Me!

October 10, 2016


 Singapore Kindness Movement commissioned inwardBOUND to produce and tour an assembly show in 2016. Hello, It's Me is an interactive assembly show for the Singapore Kindness Movement. The show follows Adele, who tries to adapt to life back in Singapore after studying in London for a few years. She feels rejected and ignored by the people she encounters and ends up being unfriendly too. Even when a fire breaks out in Adele's house, her neighbour thinks that he should 'mind his own business', just like every other Singaporean. 



In the interactive segment, audience members were invited to help Adele learn to be a good neighbour by daring to initiate conversations, offer help, accept kindness and look out for each other. Together, they help the neighbours see that they can be neighbours by chance, but friends by choice. 



We are very encouraged by the overwhelming response. The assembly show received positive feedback from 20 schools that we have performed at and was even hailed by some teachers as the best assembly programme they’ve ever had, one that students still spoke about three months after the assembly performance.



"In 2016, it was the first time that Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) commissioned inwardBOUND for our secondary school assembly program. With SKM's theme on neighbourliness, the inwardBOUND team has certainly lived up to SKM's expectations with a successful run of an interactive drama show. The script, facilitator and actors were impressive in engaging the youth audience and widening the students' perspectives on being a kind neighbour to others. Each show was unique as the show encouraged active audience participation hence getting the youths to respond, think on their feet and put their kindness idea into action. Reviews from the teachers have been positive as well, and the show demand was outstanding. SKM looks forward to future collaborations with inwardBOUND, with a mission to start, show and spread kindness in all schools!” - Singapore Kindness Movement 

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