SYF 2017: The Year of Local Flavour

May 23, 2017


inwardBOUND is proud to announce that for the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2017 we have achieved a total of 11 distinctions, making up 50% of the schools trained under inwardBOUND.


Singapore is 52 years old this year, an undoubtedly young nation. When compared to the rest of the world many would agree that our country lacks history and thus, culture. The Arts scene has always been strongly tied to the understanding of culture and thus the question of identity sees light. 


This year, more than any other year combined, the SYF 2017 challenges its participants to explore and bring in variation, to discover the truth inside of us and bring it to life on stage.


In the past years, the SYF's requirements meant that inwardBOUND's focus was narrowed, the performances churned out aligning with traditional theatre. This year, the SYF broadened their perspectives, allowing inwardBOUND to create performances of varying genres and techniques ranging from musicals to puppeteering and shadow play. Multi-language performances that told of stories from the heart. 


inwardBOUND is always looking for new and exciting projects. We would love to work with you. Drop us an email to find out more about our programs!


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