Nora Neo-Crothers

Nora Neo-Crothers is the founder of inwardBOUND, a uniquely positioned company that uses drama to inspire confidence and empower creative change. Having received First Class Honours in Drama and Performance from the National Technological University of Singapore, she became a prolific writer, trainer and director.

She is a recipient of numerous Outstanding Contribution Awards for her efforts at developing drama in schools. She was the 1st runner-up for Woman of Asia - Rising Star Award (RBS - Coutts and Financial Times) and was nominated for the Outstanding Youth in Education Award. 

She believes in the transformative power of drama which has, over the years, evolved into the core of her work with youth at inwardBOUND. In the long term, her vision is to see her drama programs making a difference, especially to people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to be empowered through such a medium.

Keyran Tan

Armed with a Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology from Singapore Polytechnic, Keyran spent the last 4 years at inwardBOUND, raising in ranks from being an actor, to a trainer; from a trainer to a producer. He is a multi-talented individual with the drive to create and bring projects to a smooth completion. He has managed touring shows with inwardBOUND's commissioned projects as both an producer and actor. Just 2018 alone, Keyran has been part of 100 shows commissioned by various organisation and governmental agencies. 



His background prior includes numerous applied theatre projects dealing with social issues on mental disorder like his Awareness project Invisible, to working with street kids and children of  the slumps, empowering them through the developmental work of drama in Cambodia. Besides workshops for social causes, Keyran has directed multiple shows from SYF pieces that has garnered distinctions, to multi disciplinary musicals under the tutelage of inwardBOUND. 

Shalyn Yong

Shalyn Yong is a graduate of a BA (First Class Hons) in Drama, Applied Theatre & Education at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, University of London.


Shalyn has done numerous applied theatre projects which include child abuse awareness project Missing, theatre in education project Where's My Star? and To Timor With Love in East Timor. She is also a founding member of Bound Theatre, a youth ensemble group which started in 2011. In London, she has worked in various capacities including as a director onAcross Lands (presented at the South East Asia Arts Festival), as a support facilitator with Cardboard Citizens working with the homeless, and with Immediate Theatre on Estate Based Youth Theatres programme.  


She aspires to work with different communities to create theatre that expresses and considers a range of social issues from multiple perspectives. Her research interests include international theatrical collaborations and theatre for development.

Naquiah Ridzuan (Naq)

Naquiah Ridzuan graduated from Queensland Universty of Technology with a Bachelors Degree in Creative Industries. In pursuit of gaining as much knowledge and experience, she immersed herself in various arts festivals and programmes during her course of study in Australia. There, she discovered her passion and calling to work with youths through theatre and performance arts.

Since her graduation, she has been with inwardBOUND, one season after another, picking up skills of drama education, learning to lead and command teams.


After these many years and now blessed with 2 children, Naquiah is one of our senior co-creators, forging a path for herself yet holding on to her passion,  to continue to connect youth through theatre by working closely with children and youths. She taught students the art of performance using her knowledge, skills and experience gained from her previous platform of studies.


Benjin Chua

Being brought up in a generation where the television is often his nanny, Benjin has been drawn into many fantasy worlds where different stories, characters and endings all collide.

He believes that as much as theatre is a place where people get to satisfy their fantasy of an alternate life, it is also a medium where we can feel, love and grow.

His desire is to show people his love for theatre through what he teaches and hope it will lead to people developing their own love for the art.

Riley Huang

Riley Huang is an actor, singer, musical theatre performer and drama coach. Riley crafts her drama lessons with a focus on skills-based work, helping each of her students reach their fullest potential in their areas of strength for performance. Riley has achieved a Distinction for her work at the Singapore Youth Festival 2017 coaching St Hilda's Secondary School, and works closely with secondary schools for numerous Drama in Curricular programmes.


Riley has worked with SODA Players, Theatre Works, and Sentosa - Songs of the Sea. She was trained at Singapore Repertory Theatre's The Young Company, a two-year educational and performing platform for 16 - 25year olds. With the Singapore Repertory Theatre, she performed The Laramie Project  and Othello for Shakespeare in the Park.  For school-based performers, Riley has toured over 50 schools performing in commissioned work from the Singapore Kindness Movement and Red Cross Society. Riley hopes to continue to bring out the Performer in every student she inspires.

Rebecca Louise Burch

Rebecca Burch has been a drama trainer with Inward Bound since completing her studies at Lasalle in 2007. 

Balance is very important to Rebecca. She loves singing and performs regularly at events, weddings as well as on collaborations on music tracks with DJ’s around the world. So the perfect life for Rebecca is to work with students in the day/week, and perform and immerse herself in music during the evenings and weekends. Working with and guiding students keeps her young hearted, energetic and motivated.


And cats; she. Loves. Cats 

Lala Gwen Thomas

Armed with a Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology from Singapore Polytechnic, a toolbox filled with handy dandy tools from I Theatre's Creative Edge Training Ensemble, and a lot of imagination, Lala has created and run drama workshops with participants of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. 


Lala believes in learning through play and exploration. While she now works with mainly secondary school students, she ensures that they are able to learn through play. The classroom is a space filled with possibilities, and Lala strives to aid her students to reach their full potential.


Her works on stage include Cat, Lost and Found (I Theatre's Creative Edge Training Ensemble, 2016), Normal (Checkpoint Theatre, 2015), and Dream Country: A Lost Monologue (Singapore Arts Festival, 2012).

Nicole Katarina Hofbauer

With her first play written when she was in primary school, Nicole has always has a passion for drama and directing, and the way it empowers people as a way of expression and communication.


During her volunteer work with Morning Star Community Services and Very Special Arts, she developed a passion for working with communities and with her Applied Drama and Psychology Diploma, it further granted her the opportunity to use drama as an effective tool of engagement, communication, and creation.


For her final year project in poly, she headed a project addressing national identity called “Jiak Kantang”, a Theatre-in-education project. 


Nicole hopes to create new possibilities for drama to empower and inspire people to step out of their comfort zones.

Seah Janice

Janice has always sought to the arts to express herself. With a good foundation in dance and drama, she seeks to explore new possibilities in every opportunity given. 

During her course of study in the Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology, she found joy and fulfilment in working with different communities and issues. Having strong faith in people and the individual's ability to create change, she co-planned and facilitated a drama workshop for Big Heart Student Care on the value of integrity.

She believes in the versatility of applied drama and has worked with a wide range of issues like mental health and friendship. Her final year project addressed the topic of masculinity. “MASKulinity”, was a two-part programme inclusive of a pre-workshop performance which led up to a process drama workshop. Janice hopes to continuously bring this form of expression to people’s lives and inspire more youths to be the change the want to see through drama. 

Janice has been dancing since 2009 and has a certification in Advanced Foundation for Ballet. She is also well-versed in the dance form of Hip Hop. She believes strongly in the power of multi-disciplinary work and the fusion of movement, theatre, and dance.  

Fatin Syahirah

Fatin Syahirah is a freelance theatre actor/educator who recently graduated with a BA (Hons) inActing from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2017. She is equipped with dance and music skills,and is trained in Yoga, Kalaripayattu, Viewpoints, Chekhov’s Mask Work, and Suzuki Method of Actor Training. She has also received Grotowski training from Steve Wangh and trained in Bali for Mask and Image Training by Aole Budi Miller.


Her theatrical credits include Swipe Right (dir. Claire Wong), The Beckett Project (dir. Sarah JaneScaife), D Singapore International Festival of Arts’ The Revolutionary Model Play 2.0 (dir. Wang Chong & Théâtre Du Rêve Expérimental), Singapore Arts Festival’s Dream Country: a lost monologue (dir. Marion D’Cruz) and various forum theatre community tours for BABES Singapore and BeyondSocial Services. Apart from performing, Fatin has also wrote, directed and produced multiple small shows with her working ensemble while she was in college.


Fatin has participated in the Asian-Pacific Bureau Theatre Schools Festivals & Directors

Conference in 2017, performed in Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA) Theatre Art Conference in 2015 and co-exhibited under Celebrate Drama! in 2012. She was also an active member of the Singapore Contemporary Young Artists from 2013-2014, spearheading the organisation’s efforts for an interdisciplinary approach by writing and facilitating small drama and art workshops.


She enjoys working with young people and is passionate on making art about women. Her

research circles around the sexualisation of women in performance and her interest lies in their movement through time and space. 

"The strength of the team is each individual member.

The strength of each member is the team."

- Phil Jackson -

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