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Drama for seniors

inwardBOUND's Drama Workshops for Seniors

Elevating Lives Through Artful Expression! 

Experience the unique initiative by InwardBOUND - Drama Workshops for Seniors, crafted to bring joy, connection, and empowerment to our cherished elders. Immersive and interactive sessions, seniors experience drama as a powerful tool for self-expression, fostering understanding, and bridging generational gaps. Our workshops transcend traditional narratives, weaving stories deeply rooted in empathy.

Reminiscence Theatre for Seniors with Dementia


Step into the world of Reminiscence Theatre, where seniors use their five senses to relive precious moments from their past. This specialized program aims to bring joy and comfort to dementia seniors, creating meaningful connections through sensory-rich experiences.

Forum Theatre for

Active Ageing Seniors


Engage in interactive Forum Theatre sessions where active aging seniors explore vital topics like Advance Care Planning- empowering Singaporeans to choose their preferred care, these sessions encourage open discussions on fears of dementia, combating loneliness, and more.

Join us in creating a vibrant space where every senior's voice is not just heard but celebrated, and the transformative power of drama enhances overall well-being.

At InwardBOUND, we believe in the profound impact of artistic expression, creating memorable experiences that resonate long after the curtain falls. #DramaForSeniors #InwardBOUND #ArtfulExpression #ElderEmpowerment

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