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For over a decade, inwardBOUND has been creating plays and musicals with a touch of humanity.  From original local creations that trace the life of the protagonist against the backdrop of historical Singapore, to timeless Broadway shows like The Sound of Music, we have both expertise and experience in creating theatrical magic.


Singing • dancing • acting

comedy • tragedy • sentiment

Our musicals have these elements fused against a backdrop of setting and story. Stylistically,  we translate tragedies into cautionary tales, flaws and foibles into life lessons, and dreams into hope on stage. 


Over the course of one year, leading up to opening night, we production-manage, and make sure that every milestone is met on time, on task.


From local parodies to Shakespearean adaptations, from heartwarming fairytales to thought-provoking political satire, we've done it all and brought them to great reviews.


We don't do this alone. We believe in collaboration—with artists, social welfare organisations, schools, governmental departments, national bodies and international friends. We manage and we multi-task.


We take on the role of producing—from conceptualising to marketing, managing artists to branding. We take a production from page to stage, covering every nook and cranny and stop nothing short of excellence.

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