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You are invited to:
re:ACT© Festival 2024

re:ACT is back and bigger than ever!

This year, our theme is Caregiving. Come watch and participate as multiple schools present their Forum Theatre pieces about issues faced by Singapore's Elderly Community. In Forum Theatre style, you, the spect-actor will get to intervene and solve problems with creative solutions.

We are partnering with various elderly organisations across Singapore for this event! Come join us and make a real difference!

re:ACT Festival is now NAC-AEP endorsed and you will be able to book tickets for your school at 50% off through Tote Board Arts Grant. (AEP0520785)

19-24 April 2024, Various Timings

The Play Den at

The Arts House, Singapore

An interactive theatrical showcase, the re:ACT© Festival celebrates the strength of advocacy from empowered youths.


re:ACT© addresses a wide range of topics from mental health to misogyny. We harness the power of theatre to showcase the different strategies that our youth take to make a positive change in their society.

Our performances are interactive, inviting the audience to be an active agent of change. The audience is given opportunities to step onto the stage, role-play as characters and experiment solutions to the conflict presented. This ‘dialogue-through-action’ encourages participants to think critically and serves as a rehearsal for real-life.

We do it to:

- To express today’s challenges authentically through story-telling

- To design an experience that is out of the box 

- To create innovative theatre. 

For general audiences, book your tickets HERE.

For more info and school bookings, contact:

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re:ACT© Festival 2024 Official Trailer


Since 2016, re:ACT© has been a catalyst between charities and youth, between cause and action. re:ACT© empowers youths to explore current day social issues through emerging forms of interactive theatre and technology. 


Our platform serves as a creative space for this journey of self-discovery and collaborative learning, presenting theatre as a vehicle for advocacy, championing the need for change. 


More recently, we began developing a digital skin to hold this creative process. Using the online space, 2017 saw us working with Cambodia where stories of youth are shared across borders, performed live in Steung Meanchey Phnom Penh, watched by audiences worldwide. 


But more than a performance exchange, re:ACT© aims to bridge global narratives, provide agency to vocalise and enact change, and to share impactful youth theatre.

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