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Co-Curricular Activities

inwardBOUND’s Co-Curricular Activity programmes are aligned to each school’s efforts in the building of character development, social-emotional learning skills, character and citizenship values, as well as facilitation and leadership skills.

Serving as a continuation of our Drama for Beginners program, this series of workshops crystallises the learning of skills and enables students to apply it on a larger scale.​The CCA programmes also contain elements that will enrich and develop your students’ character and leadership. We offer a selection of camps that are aimed to achieve various results.

VIA Camp – Where CCA students create community performances meaningful to themselves and their audience

Facilitators – Skills and Leadership Development Camp – Where CCA leaders are equipped with the necessary skills to lead their peers and the younger members

Orientation Creation – Where existing CCA members create an orientation performance to showcase their talents and attract the next batch of aspiring actors

2020 UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are providing an option to bring your CCA sessions online! We now offer short workshops to schools for students to train individually over different topics such as Object Puppetry, Monologuing, Writing, Spoken Word, Poetry, Voicework and more. This can be done in conjunction with Home-Based Learning as enrichment. Students will be monitored over an online platform (eg. Google Classroom, Seesaw) where they may also submit assignments. There may also be a performative element using videos.


Directing COllaborative theatre

In Directing Collaborative Theatre, participants will be offered a 30-hour process of devising an original response. The programme will cover use of stimuli, from text to object to sound and consequently developing into a new piece of work. 

Holiday Drama projecT

This course is recommended for teachers who want to interest their drama students in the disciplines of performance, installation, movement; if they are interested in hybrid art forms which are emerging in response to the times; or if they are interested in working with image, action, sound and text to create new performance works. 


Stage craft

This course serves as an introduction to Technical theatre-stage craft and production techniques. The course will incorporate lectures, discussions and practical work. 


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