We now have online show offerings, in our signature Forum Theatre style.

Continue to be entertained and engaged, and join in the conversation by taking part in our *digital* Theatre of the Oppressed.


An interactive assembly show about mental wellness created by inwardBOUND.

This interactive short film depicts the life of Denise, a teenage girl living with depression.


Denise deals with the lack of support provided by her family and friends. She tries to break down her mother and grandmother's pre-conceived notions about depression. They call her lazy and useless when at times, she is simply unable to function. She explains that depression is a disease like any other disease which needs to be treated and certainly, that there is no shame in seeking help.

Tidal Waves explores the importance of support from friends and family, and also seeking mental health professionals who are equipped to help.

Haters Gonna Hate

An Interactive performance on Cyber-bullying for Secondary Schools, commissioned by the Singapore Kindness Movement 

Adam is annoying. So annoying that Jaime completely detests him and wants nothing to do with him. As the Student Council President, she orders her VP to ban him from the WhatsApp group after he incessantly spams the chat with his vlogs.

Jaime goes to great lengths to spread her hate for Adam, even creating a fake Instagram just so she can attack him online. However, the truth gets revealed and Jaime is forced to face her dark secrets.

Watch as Adam and Jaime navigate through the dark wasteland of cyber-bullying. Will they find an ending to this digital nightmare?

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It's Just a Joke

An Interactive performance on Xenophobia for Secondary Schools, commissioned by the Singapore Kindness Movement 

When Barbara goes to her new school in Singapore, she is made fun of for being different. Tracy and Jia Jun, both local students, come up with nasty ways to 'Help Foreigners Fit In'.

Of course, this has adverse effects on Barbara's emotions, to the point where she doesn't feel like going to school anymore. She confides in ABC (the school's Ambassador for Basic Courtesy) through a series of vlogs.

In the end, we learn about the ways Xenophobia can hurt someone, and how no one wants to be treated differently. Will Tracy and Jia Jun understand this point of view, or will they continue to discriminate all in the name of fun?

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An Interactive Show on Xenophobia and Cyberbullying for Primary Schools, commissioned by the Singapore Kindness Movement 

David, a Primary 5 child, is rude and disrespectful to his mother, because all he wants to do is play games on his iPad and abandon his priorities. Even in the game world, he is mean and unkind to other players.

In real life, he discriminates against Lucas, a foreign student who was picked by the teacher to become the class monitor, much to David's dismay. Jealousy, and pre-conceived notions of foreigners cause David to use unkind language to Lucas.

In this show, we unpack different issues from addiction and screen time, to kindness, to xenophobia. Will the game world eventually unite the two boys and can they look past differences to become friends?

What people have to say about our online shows

"Thank you, presenters!

That was a wonderful show that really put the impact of xenophobia into perspective while showing how the attitude of xenophobia can run unnoticed in society!"

- Student, Bukit Panjang Government High School, on 'It's Just a Joke!'

"It was interactive and so it kept the students involved and focused. The videos too helped them to pay attention and be attentive. Students enjoyed the discussions."

- Teacher, CHIJ Our Lady, Queen of Peace, on 'Friend or Foe?'

"Thank you for educating us about cyber bullying.

The videos were very engaging and insightful!"

- Student, Temasek Secondary School, on 'It's Just a Joke!'

"I think this programme is very helpful and essentially especially for teenagers our age as it helps us to better understand our feelings and emotions and it teaches us how to cope with them as well."

- Student, CHIJ St. Theresa's Convent, on 'Tidal Waves'