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FREE Interactive performance on Xenophobia for Secondary Schools 

‘It’s Not Fair’ follows the daily life of students who come into conflict because of their differences. Wang Wang is a new citizen of Singapore who has come from Hong Kong. Because he speaks and acts differently, Funi, a Singaporean boy, treats him differently.

During the COVID-19 Epidemic, Funi makes use of the situation to hurl discriminatory and xenophobic remarks at Wang Wang. He even got his friends online to cyber-bully Wang Wang. Eventually, the hurt Wang Wang decides to transfer to another school.

In this film we learn that xenophobia is a type of baseless discrimination. It is a learnt behaviour that can be unlearnt. In the current state of the world, our society needs kindness more than ever. How should we live with each other in the same country if we cannot look past our differences?

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FREE Interactive Show on Xenophobia and Cyberbullying for Primary Schools 

Increasingly, children are being made fun of because of their differences. Nathan, a Singaporean Chinese-Filipino, is being made fun of by Lian, a Chinese girl who is constantly putting on a fake accent. He is being told to go back home even though he is home. Situations escalate when Lian pushes it too far and parents are involved.

What does it take to live together in harmony, especially in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society like Singapore? Can behaviour that is learnt from our parents be unlearnt?


How does one move forward from an episode of discrimination?


How do we learn to stay true to ourselves despite what others feel?

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