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We've inspired countless students and participants with our touring shows every year. We'll continue to inspire and provoke thought with our educational and entertaining shows for years to come. Proudly commissioned by the Singapore Kindness Movement.


Cyberspace or Cyber-safe?

An Interactive performance on CYBERBULLYING (PRIMARY) 

Captain Seng is a digital superhero. His task is to STOP cyber-bullying on different platforms so that he can win the title of ULTIMATE DIGITAL SUPERHERO. However, he is prevented from LEVELING UP because of people like Ethan, who cyber-bullies Jen without realising the consequences of his actions. This interactive performance explores the cyber-world that children live in, asking the audience how to be responsible cyber users on the different media platforms that they use. 


Friends Assemble!

An Interactive Show on Integration and Acceptance in Primary Schools   (PRIMARY) 

Captain Seng Strikes back again, as he received a new mission by the Headquarters of Kindness, to address an issue about foreigner and local integration. The conflict opens with a misunderstanding between Suzuki, a transfer student from Japan, trying to fit in and Bianca, the class monitor, who does not understand Suzuki’s culture. Jealous of the special treatment Suzuki is getting, Bianca labels her as a weirdo, encouraging other students to exclude Suzuki. The exclusion spreads and escalates, trapping Suzuki in constant turmoil. Captain Seng and his team of Bystander Super Heroes try to mediate the situation, at the same time helping Bianca to find the kindness within.



An Interactive Musical on Casual Racism (SECONDARY) 

This interactive musical tells the story of four characters: A Chinese Boy, Indian Girl, Eurasian Girl and Malay Girl. We follow their everyday lives and observe their encounters with casual racism.

We explore casual racism in three different scenarios: at home, with friends and with figures of authority. We show how the stereotypes at home translate into assumptions on each other, which translates to casual racist “jokes” that we are expected to laugh at. Sometimes, these assumptions lead to hurtful accusations. Where do we draw the line?


It's Just a Joke!

An Interactive Musical on CYBERBULLYING (SECONDARY) 

The Internet has changed bullying. It has made it both harder to escape and harder to identify. It also has made bullies out of some people who would not otherwise consider bullying, especially when it comes to public shaming. What’s more, consequences of bullying and shaming are often unseen online. For this reason, people fail to see that they are doing anything wrong online when they hurt other people. This interactive musical tells the story of LEA, who plays by the rules and is very responsible and respected for her values in school. However, no one can be perfect all the time. When LEA slips up, MEL is right there to expose her for her misdeed. From issues on social media, to shaming  online,  student audiences will get a chance to participate in this interactive show to learn  how to reflect and respond to cyberbullying through the lens of respect and understanding.


An interactive show commissioned by the Singapore Discovery Centre

This interactive short film follows the lives of three people before, during, and after the Circuit Breaker in Singapore. These people represent the different kinds of behaviour we see during the pandemic.

As the circuit breaker progresses, we see some people doing thoughtless and reckless things, perhaps out of boredom or defiance, but these can have real consequences on others. 


When will people realise that some of their actions may be unlawful and irresponsible? When will people stop being selfish and think of the welfare of others? When will people start to give our frontline healthcare workers the respect and recognition they deserve? Truly, is there strength in diversity?

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