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online international
speech and drama camp

this year, make new friends overseas

without going overseas

Our Summer 2021 offerings:

- Online International Speech and Drama Camp

- International Youth Exchange Showcase

School Students

The inwardBOUND Online Drama Camp is an intensive and immersive two week programme for youths aged 9- 15 to learn the ropes of performance and apply it to their original performance in our

International Youth Exchange Showcase.

learn speech

and drama online

with students from

all over southeast asia

programme designed with Singaporean pedagogy

learn acting and performing skills

write better through engaging drama

build confidence to communicate in English

Dramatic Actress
Fountain Pen
Confident Woman
Stylish Friends
Open Book

grow in



creative thinking

Paint Cans
Female Speaker

learn to speak with vocal tone and pitch

build social skills with international peers

develop EL skills through collaboration


timeline of programme

day 1 to 3

Module 2: Improvisation

Think on the spot, debate creatively

day 6 to 9

Finale: International Youth Exchange Showcase

Showcase works created in the last nine days

Module 1: Monologues

Write and act out exciting characters

day 4 to 5

Module 3: Collaborative Theatre

Collaborate with international students to create a performance

day 10


After days of preparation and creation through the camp, the students' monologues and scenes will culminate in the International Youth Exchange Showcase, online, where their parents will be invited to watch their performance.


international youth

exchange   showcase

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